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Released 2012 as board game by Abacusspiele, Designer: Michael Schacht. For 2 to 4 players.

Below you will find a short online version of the game rules. An expanded version of the rules can be found (summer 2012) here (as pdf).


Overview: Africa at the end of the 19th century: Only those who cleverly use the travel routes and complete many expeditions will be able to finance the costly search for valuable artifacts. The player with the most points will win the game!

Additional infos for the game:

- www.michaelschacht.net
   (with downloads and variants)

- Abacusspiele
- Boardgamegeek
- Luding

The play area is divided by the red equator line. In the north are 11 brown locations and in the south 11 white locations that are linked by travel routes. In the north is a book of white bordered adventure cards, and in the south a book of brown bordered adventure cards.
At the bottom right 5 expedition cards are displayed and a pile with more expeditions as a supply (the number of remaining cards is displayed on top). The expeditions are associated with a joining bonus (small coins and cards at the right border). A draw pile of travel cards is to the left of the topmost book (labelled with 2X as two cards are drawn at a time).
Each player gets a joker, a random travel card and some starting money. Your pawn is already on its starting location. Your travel cards, adventure cards, money and company makers are displayed on the top left.

Below the play area, from the left to the right:
- Last turn: a summary of the latest turn.
- Handcards: travel cards (and joker and helper) in the hand.
- Adventures: not ended adventures.
- Points: in this area everythings which brings points is displayed in little tables. The top row stands for the categories, the middle row for the numbers, and the bottom row for the points.
- Points/Cards: "E" stands for ended expeditions and "A" stands for ended adventures. If you play with hidden score you will see question marks in the bottom row .
- Points/Bonus: at first the 5 categories of identical artifacts, then different artifacts and finally helpers.
- Points/Misc.: the categories points for coins, travel cards on hand and not ended adventures.
- Points/Total: the current points total. If you play with hidden score you will see just a question mark.

Possible actions are displayed with blue markings or blue text.
A) Draw two travel cards
B) Buy adventure cards
C) Move pawn
You just can choose exactly one of the three action types.
At the end of your turn your card limits are checked and you will be required to discard if necessary. Expedition cards are automatically refilled if necessary.

A) Draw two travel cards: The drawn cards come to your hand of travel cards (top left). Travel cards enable your pawn to travel. There are five different colours of travel cards (marked with the corresponding symbols).

B) Buy adventure cards: Adventure cards can provide useful assistant cards or valuable artifacts. They show their target location along the top.
- Finishing an artifact adventure provides money and victory points (indicated on the bottom of the card). There are four of each artifact in the game: two in each book.
- Finishing an assistant adventure results in your gaining the corresponding assistant card.
You can buy adventure cards from the book in the region where your pawn is, for 5 coins each. To search for specific adventure cards, you can turn the book's pages. Turning the first page is free, each additional page turned costs 1 coin.
Bought adventure cards are displayed with your other cards (top left). You can buy as many cards as you wish, as long as you can pay for them - but you don't have to buy any cards! You are allowed to turn pages and buy cards in any order you like.

C) Move pawn: You can move your pawn to another location directly connected by a travel route. To do this, you must play a matching travel card. The symbol (and color) next to the destination indicates which travel card you must play. If there are two symbols, then you can choose which of the corresponding cards to play. You can move as many spaces as you like, provided you play the required travel cards.
You can use your joker instead of a travel card -- it replaces one travel card of your choice. If you gain assistant cards, then you can use them instead of the correspondingly colored travel cards.
Your played cards are displayed as small icons at the bottom left of the play area.
Important: at the end of your turn played travel cards will be discarded (automatically), but joker and assistant cards are returned to your hand.

Change Travel Card Color: You can pay 5 coins to the bank in order to change the color of a travel or assistant card, it can then replace any travel card (first choose the card, then choose the redye link). You are allowed to change the color of multiple cards if you have enough coins.

Join Expeditions: You are allowed to join the expeditions displayed on the right. Each expedition shows a starting location at the top as well as a target location below it. Money and victory points for finishing the expedition are shown at the bottom.
Should your pawn be on the starting location of a current expedition, then you are allowed to join that expedition if you have an available company marker (there are five available expeditions at any time and each player has four company markers). One of your company markers is automatically placed onto the appropriate expedition card when you click on the highlighted expedition. If there are multiple expeditions with the same starting location, then you are allowed to join all of them if you have enough company markers available. You can join each expedition only once. You can not leave an expedition once you have joined it until it is completed. Multiple players are allowed to join the same expedition.
A joining bonus in the form of 1 or 2 coins or 1 travel card is displayed at the right border of the play area beside the expeditions. Each player who joins immediately receives the corresponding bonus. This bonus card or coins can be used immediately.

End Expedition: Should your pawn be on the target location of an expedition that you joined previously, then you are allowed to end that expedition. You immediately get the indicated number of coins and victory points. All other players who joined the expedition receive nothing.

End Adventure: You can only end an adventure if you own the appropriate adventure card. Should your pawn be on the target location of such an adventure card, then you are allowed to end that adventure.
- If the adventure card shows an artifact, then you immediately get the indicated number of coins and victory points.
- If the adventure card shows an assistant, then you immediately get the corresponding assistant card. You may immediately use the assistant card.
Important: You are allowed to join multiple expeditions, end multiple expeditions and end multiple adventures over the course of your movement.

Check Card Limits
- If, at the end of your turn, you have more than 5 travel cards (incl. joker and helper) in hand, then you must choose excess cards to discard.
(At the end of a turn joker and helpers come back automatically to the hand. If you have then more than 5 cards at the bginning of your turn you have to discard at first).
- If, at the end of your turn, you have more than 3 unfinished adventure cards, then you must choose excess adventure cards to discard.
(if you have 4 adventure cards you have to discard at first one of these and then you can continue flipping pages and buying).

If there are not enough expedition cards left to refill, then the end of the game is triggered. The current round is played through to completion so that each player has an equal number of turns.

- Each expedition and adventure card is worth the victory points printed on it.
Additionally, you get for:
- every 2 identical artifacts 6 victory points
- every 3 identical artifacts 12 victory points
- every 2 different artifacts 2 victory points
- every 4 different artifacts 10 victory points.
Additionally, you get for:
- 2 assistant symbols -5 victory points
- 3 or more assistant symbols -10 victory points.
Additionally, you get for:
- every 10 coins 1 victory point
- every 2 travel cards (not joker or assistants!) in hand 1 victory point
- every unfinished artifact adventure card 1 victory point.

The player with the most victory points is the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner is the tied player with the most coins. If there is still a tie, then there are multiple winners.

- Books: if you move the mouse pointer over the left page of a book you will see (up to) the following 5 pages. This is a special variant of the original rule just for the online game.
- Start location: a black ring marks a start location (not already running expeditions and adventures).
- End location: a white ring marks an end location (already running expeditions and adventures).

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