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Boardgames Online: The Rules

Here at michaelschacht.net you can play boardgames of the designer Michael Schacht online. A registration is needed but for free and without advertising. Also the user profile will not be passed to someone else. This site is bi-lingual (german and english). Most of the games are turn-based: if you end your turn, you have to wait for your next turn until all other players have done their turn. If you stay on the page you get a popup-message when it is your tuen again. Additionally you can be informed about the next turn by email (attention: the email can get stuck in your spam-filter). Coloretto, Hansa, Lucky Numbers Extra and Mondo Solo / Mondo Sapiens Solo can be played without waiting against the computer.

Registration: Simply choose the link on the top right. In the following we just need a user name, a password and a valid email-address from you. After confirmation of the reply your account is activated and you can start playing.
Login: Fill inyour user name and your password in the fields on the top right and you‘ll have full access to the site (you can reach the login as well in Account).
Account: Here you can change your user profile and acitvate or deactivate the popup and email notification. If you forget your password you can request it here.

GameInfo: Here you get the game infos and the game rules as well as the explanations of variants.
Info: Here you get to this info page.
PlayerInfo: Here you get statistics and your rank infos. You can switch-off your own PlayerInfo (Rebel Mode).

GameManager / Start!: Here you will find your open, running and completed games as well as personal invitations. You make your game turn here as well. The name of the player who has to make his moveis displayed in red/bold.

Join Game / Open Games: Here you can join open or password-protected game invitations of others. As soon as enough players have joined, the game will start.
Create Game / New Game: Here you can create a new game. If you fill in a password only players that know the password can join. As soon as enough players have joined, the game will start.
Start Game: If the set miniumum number of players have joined you can already start the game.
Close Game: A game where 20 days no turn was made can be closed by one of its players. Only the player who hasn't made his turn gets minus points.

Popups: A popup message appears when in the meantime your opponents have made their actions and it is your turn again. In the popup you can choose the direct link to the game or just close the popup.

Emails: An internal email system. The emails will not be forwarded to the regualr external emailaddress of the address. Will be available after the first completed match.

News! / Message: A hint to a new message of a player inside a game. In the game you will find the message at the bottom.

Home / michaelschacht.net: Here you leave the onlinegame section of michaelschacht.net.

The Rank System

Every newbie starts with 50 points as Beggar and can reach with time up to 3000 Points as Emperor.
The more points you have the higher is your rank: for every 150 points you step up one rank.

Points can mainly be earned by winning games. Additional you get points for:
- winning in different types of games
- completing many games
- participating in tournaments
- support (like f. e. board designs)
- the actual balance (the last 5 finished games)

Points can mainly be lost by loosing games. Additionally you loose points for:
- the actual statistics (the last five finished games)
- stopping to play a game before game end
Solo games (against the computer) are scored partly.

The overview can be found if you click on the player info button on the right.
Other players overviews can be found when clicking on a players name.
You can switch-off your own PlayerInfo (Rebel Mode).
Hint: If you want to move forward you should also play different types of games.

The Player Info

Here you can find a lot of infos about you and your opponents.
On the left you can see your total of points, your actutal rank ynd the according crest.
A little traffic light gives gits about your activity - there is also mentioned your running games.
ere can appear further hints on activities like f. e. Support.Next column shows all possible ranks starting at the bottom with beggar and leading up to emperor (your actual rank is marked brown).
- Log: shows the actual situation. For example the last five games with the detailed plus and minus points you received for them, the date of your last turn, tournament participations and the distance to the next ranks.
right of that are some info buttons:
- Player History: lists all your completed games. Same happens if you click on a game name.
- Running Games: lists all your running games.
- Last Active Players: shows all player that made their turn in the last 7 days.
- Last Active Tournaments: lists all tournaments and their hosts in short.
- Last Additions: list all important additions to Boardgames-Online like f. e. games and variants.
- Rangkings: rankings of the best in points per game type.
- Game Infos: infos for all games in short.
- Tournament Infos: detailed infos about all tournaments and the participants.
- Game Instructions: the rules of the games online or as pdf.
- China Campaign: an overview of the new gameboards of the China Campaign 2011-2012.
The end makes a big table with detailed statistics of your completed games.Medals (awards) can be won by participating in tournaments (red) or by winning defined numbers of games (green) and get displayed here.
At last the total of points for a single game type.

For the PlayerInfo of other players just click on their name.
If your then in the PlayerInfo of another player and you click f. e. on the Player History button you'll get listed the completeted games of that player.
You can disable the own PlayerInfo (rebel mode) - it will not be visible then for anybody (including you).

Personal Invitations

In the following you'll find how to invite other users personaly in a simple way:
Choose as usal Create game and enter in Title or Comment the usernames of the player(s) that you want to invite.
You can use additional words or punktuation marks, like f. e. "a rematch for Tom21 and ThePlayer"
If you don't want other players to be able to join this game you should enter a password.

The finished created game will now be displayed automatically in the GameManager of the invited players under Personal Invitations.
Additionally the invited player can see the password on the right below Password.

IMPORTANT: If you make a mistake in writing the usernames the invitation will NOT be shown in the Invitation window!
You also should keep an eye on the number of invited players matching to the number of players.
If not all invited players join, the game will be deleted automatically after some time.

Besides are displayed up to two open invitations, that you can join as well.


China Gameboard Campaign

China A

China B

Web of Power




AD 850

Life on Mars

Big in Japan

Soviet Union




Going Underground

Priest and Emperor
In July 2011 started a
special campaign that lasts
for a year. Each
month will be launched
a new gameboard for China for
playing online here.

Downloads: AD 850, Hellenia,
Big in Japan, Priest and Emperor, Venezia,
Soviet Union, Arktica, Starmania
Going Underground

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